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About Us

About Us.


OXU Financial provides a secure path to buy, sell, and process US banknotes. We’re backed by private funds - meaning there’s a reserve of resources to guarantee payment for either party. Our team will tailor a plan for all your banknote deliveries and collections through armored carrier partners.


Personalized transactions deserve personalized assistance. 


Each transaction has a unique purpose. To ensure that both parties are satisfied, we offer fast, innovative, and tailored support to help move and process your US banknotes.
We’ll pull in our business partners to develop a top-tier strategy that works for your goals in an accessible, low-risk, and timely manner.



Ethics Line

Ethics Line.

All OXU Financial employees, ex-employees, clients, and vendors have access to an independent ethics line operated through a technology platform aligned with VORTIX's values where they can report conducts such as: theft, fraud, corruption, money laundering, sexual and labor harassment, among others.

The objective of this line is to enhance the ethical behavior of employees and foster the culture of a fair and transparent entity.

Illegal or unethical conduct may be reported for appropriate investigation via the following ethics line:



OXU Financial’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Program integrates an overall compliance and sanctions framework as a strategic asset which significantly benefits our clients and vendors.

The implementation of the AML/CTF Compliance Legal Framework and the compliance policies, procedures, and internal controls, are closely intertwined with our Compliance Team.

The Compliance Team continuously reviews and updates our Policies and Procedures to be in full compliance with industry-leading best practices. 

All written policies, procedures, internal controls, and other relevant items are approved by the Compliance Committee and ratified by the Board of Directors.



Our training program is a key solution to reduce risk and maintain our employees, and senior management knowledgeable of regulatory requirements, trends and typologies.

We provide continuous and specialized training relating Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing, Office of Foreign Assets Controls, Sanctions, and Anti-Bribery and Corruption. 

Our Team.

Ethical, and professional - terms that not only define our company, but our team. With up-to-date training, an in-depth understanding of best practices, and high international standards.

Denisse Mendivil


Alberto Motola

Commercial Officer

Manuel Acevedo

Legal and Compliance Officer

Michael Crum

Finance Manager

Sergio Osuna

Finance Manager


Daniela de la Rosa Hernández

Compliance Manager

Our Team
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